Houdini 13.0 What’s new

Houdini 9 features significant workflow and user interface improvements, as well as powerful new dynamics features such as fluid simulations.

Changes and improvements

Houdini 9: Parameter InterfaceHoudini 9 provides new parameter interface enhancements.
Houdini 9: Python scriptingYou can now script Houdini using Python, a very powerful and easy-to-learn object-oriented language.
Houdini 9: RenderingHoudini 9 features numerous exciting improvements to mantra and rendering in general.
Houdini 9: VEXHoudini 9 introduces new VEX features and improvements.
Houdini 9: Volume primitivesVolume primitives let you use smoke and fluids in the modeler.
Houdini 9: WorkflowHoudini 9 alpha features the initial steps toward a much improved, streamlined user interface, and powerful new workflows.
What’s new in Houdini 9: Character animationHoudini 9 enhances the features of the muscle tool, and provides new autorig tools.
What’s new in Houdini 9: Fluid simulationsNew smoke, fire, and liquid simulation tools let you create sophisticated fluid dynamics simulations.
What’s new in Houdini 9: Keyframe animationHoudini 9 takes existing keyframe animation features and makes them easier to use.
What’s new in Houdini 9: LightingHoudini 9 has new preset lights and lighting nodes, as well as new materials.